‘A strong experience connects the team!’

Looking for exciting experiences to strengthen team spirit? We know where to find some with an authentic atmosphere! Do you like the Middle Ages? You got it! We dress you in armour and send you into a medieval battle. Would you prefer tougher entertainment, for real men? If that’s the case, we have a heap of mud and a whole arsenal of army weapons and vehicles – armoured personnel carriers, jeeps, quads and air guns. Are you attracted to adrenalin karting? Suffice to say, we’ve got karts, helmets and the longest kart track in Central Europe. Teambuilding, but now with all the trimmings. Your expectations will be fulfilled!

Teambuilding Activities

Army day in the military camp

Air soft game, ride in a military truck, IFVs, jeeps, quads and, upon request, a helicopter flight

Adrenaline day in the Czech mountains

Mountain bobsleigh ride, rope centre activities and big swing fall, upon request

Mafia day

Revolver shooting, bat fighting, boxing, knife fighting, action pistol shooting, roulette, Black Jack and Poker card games, Charleston dance lesson

Adrenaline day in the Czech mountains at Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad)

Rope centre activities, free fall and big swing fall, upon request


Become a superhero for a few minutes, flying up to 10 metres above water level! You will stand on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath, which provide thrust for you to fly.

Indoor skydiving

Skydiving is an unusual adrenaline sport that is safe for everyone. Experience the feeling of free fall in the safety of a wind tunnel, from a safe height and under the continuous supervision of professional instructors.

Karting races

Real karting competition

Paintball with scenário – outdoor

Outdoor paintball game with scenario is one of the most popular teambuilding activities. You will explore unrepeatable experience, which “classic game” can´t provide, because it is not only about shooting, it’s about a story, which will catch you and you will feel like an action movie hero, who has the whole destiny of humankind on his shoulders. Come with us to experience firsthand shootings, the real thing mud, military equipment and gripping story!

Economy Paintball Package – indoor

  • Indoor paintball (reball) field in the centre of Prague
  • Used for many years by film makers – for example, Wanted with A. Jolie
  • 3 fields – Vietnam, Shipyard, Sport (rubber obstacles)
  • The whole area with facilities is under one roof, with a heated basement
  • Play all year long
  • Organizers with a professional approach

Medieval day with a gala dinner

Fencing show, medieval games and competition, gala dinner with a rich programme and a live medieval band

Pamper yourself in the spa

Natural peat wrap, traditional massage, exotic spa with a pool, whirlpool, laconium and steam bath. Lunch or dinner with a BBQ upon request.

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